During the Coronavirus pandemic we are committed to keep the calendar up to date, however we strongly advise that you check with the organizers before deciding to participate in a running event, to make sure it is not postponed or cancelled.




Vardenis, Artsakh (Armenia) - "Artsakh Ultra". In 2021, AdventureCORPS will host a six-day, point-to-point, 160-mile (260km) trail running stage race in the Republic of Artsakh, the democratic, Christian, Armenian homeland located just east of Armenia itself. Formerly known as Nagorno-Karabakh during the Soviet era, this is a fascinating, wonderful country that few people have even heard of, and even less have visited. We aim to change both of those facts by bringing runners from all over the world to Artsakh! In 2021, we hope to have 50 runners representing at least ten different countries participating. Will YOU join us for the first running race ever held in Artsakh? www.badwater.com/event/artsakh

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