Bouillon (Belgium) - "La Bouillonnante". 73km 3250 D+ / 50km 2450m D+ / 29km 1300m D+ / 15km 600m D+ / 5km 150m D+. As past years, we wait for you to sample excellent Belgian beers (school "Croix Blanche de Bertrix") and to feast on with a delicious bread with sausage (Bouillon volleyball). Before and after the awards ceremony (03:00/03:30 pm) party with a Belgian music group. www.la-bouillonnante.org




Bruxelles (Belgium) - "20 km de Bruxelles". Registration for the race opens on Saturday, 24 March, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. The number of participants is limited. The registration fee is 25, including VAT. Each participant has 4 hours to complete the race. After the sweep bus passes, normal traffic will resume and participants should stay on sidewalks and use care when crossing roads. There will be six course fluid stations along the route offering SPA mineral water. ISOSTAR drinks will be distributed in the bois de la Cambre. Every participant who crosses the finish line will receive a medal and can download a certificate from the Internet. www.20kmdebrussels.be

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