During the Coronavirus pandemic we are committed to keep the calendar up to date, however we strongly advise that you check with the organizers before deciding to participate in a running event, to make sure it is not postponed or cancelled.




Tbilisi (Georgia) - "RacingThePlanet: Georgia". RacingThePlanet: Georgia, The Great Caucasus is a 250 kilometer / 155 mile, 7-day, 6-stage, self-supported foot race which will take place in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia starting on 23 August 2020. The course is located in the Javakheti Region of the southwestern part of Georgia, in the Southern Caucasus Mountain Range. The course takes you through old forests, dormant volcanic valleys, breath-taking mountain passes, unique villages and traditional monasteries. At times you may have the opportunity to sleep in traditional Georgian village homes. The Long March will take you through abandoned former Russian villages, as you make your way up Pa’Tara Abuli, towards the Abuli Fortress which is over 3000 years old. This mysterious fortress has only recently been discovered and is part of an archaeological expedition to understand more about the history and beginnings. www.racingtheplanet.com/georgia

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