During the Coronavirus pandemic we are committed to keep the calendar up to date, however we strongly advise that you check with the organizers before deciding to participate in a running event, to make sure it is not postponed or cancelled.




Lukenya (Kenya) - "Kenya Wildlife Marathon". Join us and combine the majesty of the ancient race with the beauty of Kenya's natural resources. Encompassing hundreds of acres of grasslands, rocky hills and river-beds, the Lukenya Sanctuary is just that, a slice of natural paradise. Teeming with zebras, wildebeests, giraffes and more, humans remain the distinct minority at this veritably unspoiled reserve. Match this with the reliably beautiful weather Kenya enjoys in lying by the Equator, and it becomes quite clear why we chose Lukenya Hills as the setting for our safari marathon. Join us as we launch a thrilling new marathon tradition, combining the majesty of the ancient race with the beauty of Kenya's natural treasures. Run through a private wildlife sanctuary in Kenya. Packages include accommodations, transportation, sightseeing, game drives, all meals. It will change you! Don't miss out. This is sold only as a complete all-inclusive package. Options to extend longer or visit training camp and train with Kenyans. www.kenyawildlifemarathon.com

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