Carthage (Tunisia) - "The Carthage Race Marathon". Unique in Tunisia, hearth of 3000 years history, come and discover Carthage. Founded by the Phoenicians, Carthage is an extensive archaeological site, located on a hill dominating the Gulf of Tunis and the surrounding plain. Metropolis of Punic civilization in Africa and capital of the province of Africa in Roman times, Carthage has played a central role in Antiquity as a great commercial empire. The Carthage Race International Marathon is a unique race when you part of the history and running inside or behind or near the archeologic temples. AIMS-IAAF certifed race, The Carthage Race propose you to run Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k and 5k. www.sportsmedevents.tn




Sousse (Tunisia) - "Tunisia Women Run 100% Women". Tunisia Women Run Half Marathon is new race proposed by Sports Med Event's in Tunisia. Special and unique race 100% women in Tunisia you will discover the beauty of the Sahel city and run front of the beach and sea touristc zone. Betwen Sousse and El Kantaoui you will enjoy you stay in Tunisia. The Ribat of Sousse, a soaring structure that combined the purposes of a minaret and a watch tower, is in outstanding condition and draws visitors from around the world. Sousse was the site of Chess interzonal in 1967 which was made famous when American Grandmaster Bobby Fischer withdrew from the tournament even though he was in first place at the time. Running in Sousse and enjoy Tunisia Women Run Half Marathon or 10 & 5k all races certified AIMS-IAAF. www.sportsmedevents.tn




Tozeur (Tunisia) - "Ultra Mirage el Djerid 100km". The Ultra MirageŠ El Djerid (UMED) is the first 100km Ultra Trail taking place in the stunning Tunisian Sahara desert. A single stage race that takes runners across a wide diversity of terrains, ranging from soft sand, small dunes, rocks, dried river beds, oasis... Runners will have 20 hours to finish the race with very specific deadlines to reach each of the five checkpoints which will be between 15-20km apart. Both medical and technical help as well as water supply will be available at each checkpoint. This race is open to all types of athletes, from professional ultra runners to anyone passionate about ultra trails, with a lot of training of course. www.ultramirage.com

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