Laurel, Mississippi (United States of America) - "Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi 50 Trail Run". The Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi Trail 50 is held in early March each year on the Longleaf Horse Trail in the De Soto National Forest just south of Laurel, MS. The race was moved from Leland to Laurel in 1996 by Carl Touchstone, a local dentist and accomplished ultra runner. The 2020 race will be the 24th anniversary of the race in Laurel, and the 20th that commemorates Carl's untimely death due to cancer. The course features soft dirt trails, pine needle paths, and fire roads on 12.5 and 6.1 mile loops through the piney woods. The 20K runners do the long loop and are finished. The 50K runners run the big loop twice, and finish on the small loop. The 50M runners do the big loop three times and the small loop twice. This is a relatively easy course and a good first 20K / 50K / 50 Miler.

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