Hanoi (Vietnam) - "Les Foulées de la Soie". Organized by Sport Development and Performance Organization, organizer of UTA and the support of Phoenix Voyages, the unique foot race takes place on Laotian and Vietnamese territory from April 4 to 12, 2023. Lasting 9 days, you run through magnificent scenery. You will encounter cultural relics and historical monuments. Luang Prabang which today is listed as World Heritage Site by Unesco, the sacred caves of Pak Ou, The Plain of Jars, the Mausoleum of President Ho Chi Minh, the one-Pillar Pagoda, exploring Halong Bay, as many different courses that await you and make you dream... Running on a road millennium, sharing team spirit and local hospitality, faces discover an incredible variety of landscapes admire unsuspected - is part of the cocktail that makes up the Foulées de la Soie since 1996. Participants discover landscapes and cities out of the ordinary, for their authenticity and simplicity. Traditions have their place, as well as sport, which takes an extra dimension across expanses of desert or rural, but still exotic. The Foulées de la Soie do not derogate from their original design: combining sport and culture. www.sdpo.com/en/program

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