Moc Chau (Vietnam) - "Vietnam Trail Marathon". Welcome to VTM, the third race in the Vietnam Trail Series by Topas, organisers of Vietnam Mountain Marathon and Vietnam Jungle Marathon. This race takes place in Moc Chau, an area famed for tea plantations and peach blossom orchards. The event will take place at the very height of peach blossom season, creating a running spectacle like no other. The route is the result of our research deep into the hills. We have created a course which is almost entirely very runnable trail covering a huge variety of landscapes. You will discover ethnic minority villages that no car can access hidden deep in rugged terrain. You will run through flower fields, tea plantations and orchards. You will share the trails with local farmers, horses, donkeys, buffalo, wild pigs and more. www.vietnamtrailmarathon.com




Pa Co (Vietnam) - "Ultra Asia Race". The Ultra Asia Race is a self-supported 160 km foot race in 4 stages, with 6000 meters of positive elevation, 7000 meters of negative elevation. Each competitor must carry a backpack containing the compulsory equipments, food and personal equipments. The event takes place on the Asian continent, in the North West of Vietnam. www.canal-aventure.com/ultra-asia-race-itineraire




Hanoi (Vietnam) - "Hanoi International Marathon". More than thousand year's olds, Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, is a city with a long history. Not only that, Hanoi is capital of political, economic, cultural, arts and tourism. More than a thousand years of history has left Hanoi hundreds of cultural, architectural, religious, artistic heritage. Its unique has brought pride to every resident of this historical capital. Presenting thousands of years of cultural heritage in tours has always been a good way to attract travelers all over the world. Hanoi Heritage Marathon is a connection of modern day sports activities with the glorious, heroic and heritage past of Hanoi. Hanoi Heritage Marathon is an unique way to attract athletes from all over the world. Hanoi Heritage Marathon is the first marathon run through the old town so that the athletes have a new and interesting experience when it comes to historical values, cultural values, the lives of Hanoians as well as modern presence through each running step. This is the first marathon to connect three main historical attraction of Hanoi which is Ho Guom, Hong Ha and West Lake. Therefore, to express the main idea of the Hanoi Heritage Marathon, three famous places are Ho Guom, Long Bien Bridge, West Lake will be connected through the old quarters creating an unique route through the heritage of Hanoi. Race Date: Oct 21, 2018. Finishing Time / Cut off time: 10:00 am 21km Cut Off; 11:30 am 42km Cut Off. The Start/Finish Line of the race is located in front of Ly Thai To park, the walking street Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi. Race distances (4 distances): 42km Marathon: Minimum 18 years old on race day. 21km Half Marathon: Minimum 18 years old on race day. 10km Run: Minimum 16 years old on race day. 5km Run. www.hanoiinternationalmarathon.com

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